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Culture House's mission goes beyond healthcare.

We provide a range of services focused on creating a wholistic sense of care for our artist and culture bearers, including building an onsite co-op housing community for those who want to join us in this effort.


More than a clinic, we are a community.


Don't let self-employment be barrier to healthcare. We provide full clinic services for local musicians, artists, culture makers and bearers.


Create, play, work.


We'll be here when you need us. 

Doctor and Patient


We believe in a holistic approach to wellness.


In addition to our clinic, we provide a wide range of services, from food assistance, career counseling and low-cost childcare.

Volunteers Packing Food


Join a community of solidarity.

Our clinic engages in political organizing to get you the justice you deserve. From workers rights to better pay, by joining our on site co-op artist housing community you can become part of a movement to make  these dreams a reality for artists across the city.


Art is labor, let's treat it that way.

Trumpet Player



Pricing Model

  • Membership dues are paid on a sliding scale model based on income, financial and medical needs.

  • No-one turned away. Through grants and auxiliary program fundraising for non-clinic services, culture house members will be supported 100%



  • Ensuring that all community members can access dental, clinic, food and childcare assistance.

  • Linking members to outside partner resources for services not provided by Community House.

  • Supporting an overall increase of life quality for artists and musicians.



  • Reach out to local partnerships with other local and national non-profits to create an array of social services available to community members.

  • Purchasing and maintaining additional affordable co-op housing services to create an inheritance for intergenerational communitites of creators.

Finance Plan / Reaserch



Trends for searches relating to housing coops has increased steadily over time, especially as housing insecurity has increased over the past few years.


Cooperative housing presents an affordable alternative to traditional single family renting or home-owning. 

Community members are also co-owners of these cooperative housing units, building a financial inheritance for intergenerational music communities for years to come.


Community health center, likewise, have seen  steady increase searches in the past five years, amidst major jumps in health insurance loss.

Additionally, strain on our healthcare systems during and post Covid-19 has made community health centers all the more necessary.



  • Grant Money

  • Local and National partnerships

  • Fundraising events

  • Community membership fees

  • Non-profit tax exemptions

Startup Costs ($70000-$100000)

  • Malpractice and medical insurance

  • Office space rent/improvements

  • Medical and office equipment

  • Sales and marketing

  • Tax and legal consultation

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